Air Pegasus
A true regional airline

Air Pegasus is India’s first and only true regional airline. A regional airline with focus on a particular region and will connect all the possible air routes. As a regional airline , Air Pegasus is focusing on the southern region of India and is connecting both metro and tier-2 cities. Unlike our competitors, who are aiming to connect PAN india , Air Pegasus is focusing on the increasing demand of air travel in South India.

There are 31 airports in South India, out of which only 15 are connected by the Air. Air Pegasus wants to connect all the airports in South India.

Air Pegasus – The Story

Air Pegasus is a domestic passenger airline headquartered in Bengaluru. Air Pegasus started its operation in the month of April 2015 and currently operating to 8 cities in South India. The company is founded by Mr. Shyson Thomas, a well known personality in Indian Aviation industry.

Air Pegasus currently operating to 8 cities in South India, including Bengaluru , Chennai, Madurai, Mangalore, Hubli, Trivandrum, Cochin and Goa. The airline connects 3 cities in Karnataka and 2 cities in Tamilnadu and 2 cities in Kerala and the Capital of Goa. Air Pegasus plans to extend its network to 15 cities in South India by the year end.

Our Vision
The vision of Air Pegasus is to be the first true regional airline by connecting all the possible air routes in Southern India, and to become “South India’s very own airline”.
Our Tagline
Our current tagline is “South India to South India”, the tagline communicate our vision of connecting South India.

Pondicherry , Belgaum , Tuticorin, Vijayawada, Trichy and many other South Indian cities are in the radar.

Air Pegasus is using ATR 72-500 aircrafts for its operation, which is a 72 seater aircraft. The French made turbo-prop aircraft is considered to be one of the most fuel efficient aircrafts best suitable for short distance journeys. Air Pegasus is one of the few airlines in India , which is using entirely ATR aircrafts for its operation. Currently the airline has a strength of 3 ATR aircrafts and is planning to extend it to 8 by the year end.

Air Pegasus wants to focus in South India for the next 3 years. The airline will be connecting all the possible air routes in the Southern region of the country. There are multiple reason for why we want to focus in South India.

The region is well developed: Unlike other regions of the country, South India is considered to be well developed with many metro cities, which includes Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Cochin and fast growing tier-2,3 cities such as Vizag, Vijayawada, Trivandrum, Trichy , Madurai, Hubli and Mangalore. Both the metro and tier-2,3 cities in South India have seen tremendous growth in the past 5 years and increase in number of air travelers. The growth of Industries, SME’s and MNC’s has caused a leap in the number of air travelers in these cities.

There is a gap to be filled: In the past many airlines had come up with routes which connected Metro cities with other metro cities, For Ex: - Bengaluru to Delhi, Bengaluru to Mumbai, Delhi to Chennai etc. But in the recent years , we have seen some of the smaller cities in the country growing and developing faster. Here comes the real need of filling the gap by which we connect smaller cities with metro and small cities with smaller cities. Air Pegasus caters to fill this gap by providing connectivity between metro and tier-2,3 cities and between smaller cities. As a true regional airline Air Pegasus wants to fill the gap , where we will provide the connectivity to all the possible air routes in South India.

Some of our routes are

Bengaluru to Chennai ( Metro to Metro )
Bengaluru to Hubli ( Metro to Tier – 2 )

There are around 31 airports in South India, out of which only 14 is connected by any airline, many of them are smaller cities.

1 Year Of Air Pegasus

Air Pegasus started it's operation in the month of April 2015 with a single aircraft connecting 2 sectors. By the end of April 2016 , Air Pegasus has finished 1 year of its successful operation. by this time we have 3 aircrafts and we connect 8 sectors . As a new player to the industry, 1 Year of journey was a learning experience for us, where we expanded to 8 destinations in South India and to 3 in our fleet. Today we have 300 strong staff working in airports across the region.

India’s first travel program for Startups named “Smartup”.
Tied up with OYO Rooms for providing Flight + Hotel services.
82% of load factor.
25k followers in Social media.
More than 5,60,000 unique visitors to the website.
More than 2,80,000 passengers flew with Air Pegasus.
Currently has a fleet of 3.
More than 5000 flights in the first year.
More than 200 staffs in 8 different airports.
Only airline to connect Hubli.
First airline to operate to Kadapa, which is a recently constructed airport.

The new aviation policy and Air Pegasus

The central government has recently announced the new aviation policy. Below is the response from Air Pegasus on the new aviation policy.

The new aviation policy has laid a clear road map to boost air passenger traffic over three times in the next seven year from the prevailing 85 million and in the process making air travel affordable and convenient to the masses.

To bring increased competition in the international market, the policy has done away with the requirement of airlines to fly five years in the Indian market but has kept the fleet size at 20 aircrafts.

This would invariably call for huge investments in the aviation sector.  In November last year, the government had eased foreign direct investment norms in certain segments of civil aviation sector to 100% from 74%.  This along with recent policy changes would act as catalyst for funds to pour into the Indian aviation sector that is on cusp of take-off.

“We at Air Pegasus are exploring to raise Rs 100 crore for deploying 7-10 aircrafts in a year’s time and hope to be the largest regional network in South India with 15 ATR aircrafts,” said Shyson Thomas, Managing Director, Air Pegasus.

As part of our plans, Air Pegasus will operate to airports with no connectivity like Pondicherry, Bellary, Salem and Vellore in the next 6 months and we will be working with government in providing virgin connectivity to unconnected sectors.

The potential for the increase in passenger base can be gauged from the fact that only 75 out of 450 airstrips or airports have scheduled operations and these would be upgraded at a cost not exceeding Rs 50-100 crore mostly through Airport Authority of India.

This throws up on opportunity to provide a aircraft service in every market where a luxury bus is operating supported by a cap of Rs 2,500. Moreover, Air Pegasus has its own captive ground handling service - Décor Aviation, which will help reduce the cost in ground handling in these sectors.

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